There have been many televisions adapted for 12 volt use. These TV's are very portable and in most cases, very handy. While 12V DC type of televisions are most commonly used in semi trucks and recreational vehicles, DC TV's are also great to have on hand in case of a power outage or natural disaster.

There have been a wide range of sizes of TV's adapted for 12 volt DC use. At last count, these 12V TV's are available from 7" all the way through 32". Most of these consume only 3amps of your precious DC power.

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Most of the smaller televisions also have a built-in rechargeable battery. The life of these batteries on a full charge is usually about 3 hours. This is a great advantage to those backpackers that like to take a small portable TV with them. A small DC TV like these can easily be recharged or powered by a pretty small solar panel (not commonly included).

Most 12V DC TV's have a built-in DVD player and most also have many input and output options. The televisions that have these input and output options can be used with most video games, satellite TV receivers, VCRs and cable TV receivers.

A seldom known fact about household 110V LCD televisions:
Most (if not all) 110V LCD televisions will internally convert power into DC power to power up the circuit board and LCD screen. That's why most 110V TV's require 5 amps or more. It gets even worse when run with a power inverter on DC power. Running a 110v TV on a power inverter can draw upward of 8 amps or more. Also, the power from the inverter may damage the TV. These are all great reasons why the best RV TV is a 12Volt TV designed specifically for RVs. When you consider the options, it's a no brainer. Don't throw your power in the trash, only use what your TV needs. Buy a 12 Volt Television!