The Tailgater Portable Satellite TV System by Dish Network gives you the ability to take your favorite shows and games out on the open road or off the beaten path. The Tailgater Satellite Dish Antenna is fully enclosed so there's nothing there you'll need to mess with. It's fully functional with a single cable hook-up - coax (50ft included). It works only with the VIP211Z Dish Network Satellite Receiver. A subscription to Dish Network is required and "Pay As You Go" is a recommended option.

Once connected to the VIP211Z satellite receiver, the satellite dish is pointed for you and you're watching your favorite show in just minutes.

Most satellite receivers send power to the satellite dish (usually around 18v). All home satellite receivers use 110V power, so do the portable satellite receivers. That's right, you still need a power inverter or some other way of providing 110V power. On the bright side, they draw very little power and you can take HD TV into the woods man!

So when you connect the VIP211Z portable satellite receiver to power and turn it on, power is then sent to the satellite dish and automatic acquisition begins. From there it's as easy as connecting the receiver output to your TV input.

What's in the box? When you purchase the tailgater portable satellite dish you'll receive the satellite dish, 50' coaxial cable and owners manual. (There's a lot of stuff inside of the satellite dish)

When you purchase the VIP211Z portable satellite TV receiver you'll receive the VIP211Z receiver, wireless remote control, batteries (for remote), A/V cables and owners manual.

So now the question is - Where can you, or even better, where should you buy the tailgater dish and receiver?

There are many places where you can purchase the tailgater online including Dish Network, but you should buy the tailgater dish and receiver from 12Volt-Travel®.

12Volt-Travel® specializes in everything portable and has everything you need to get your satellite TV portablized quickly and easily. Click Tailgater Satellite Dish or Tailgater VIP211Z.

Question out of Montana
Are you saying that I should place the satellite dish on the open road?
We don't normally do questions and answers but this was too good to pass up.
No. "On the open road" is a figure of speech. It means "away from home" or "while travelling". Which leads us to - it's also not recommended and is also illegal to watch TV of any kind while operating a motor vehicle in any state.

If you choose to setup your satellite TV on the road or watch TV while you're driving, that's entirely up to you and has nothing to do with us.