Portable DC TV Resources & Supply

Portable LCD Digital TV
Cnet offers great information about DC televisions and other great electronic devices. These TV's bring hours of critical news and much needed entertainment when your out on the road or on the trails.

Portable DC TV
Shopping for a 12V Portable DC Television? TV to go is our speciality and when you're shopping for a digital DC TV we absolutely recommend shopping 12volt-travel.com.

Information about 12 Volt Batteries
Find valuable information about 12 volt batteries. Learn about wiring 12v batteries, power consumption, battery maintenance and more. Many people want to know "how long will this TV run on my 12-volt battery". That's a tough one to answer as there are many factors to consider. Battery capacity, battery age, battery condition, battery type, the temperature. Yes - the temp also plays a part in how long a battery will "last". For more details visit 12Volt Battery Info.