TV for Your RV!

Skyworth 12V DC TV for RV

Time to Buy a New TV for Your RV? Don't go looking for an old CRT style, they have gone away. The older CRT 12 volt TVs we're just so bulky and power hungry that they just couldn't compete with the new LED LCD 12 Volt TVs.

The Best TV for RV's is an LCD 12Volt. This Skyworth 22" 12Volt TV was installed in a single afternoon by husband & wife campers. The new TV offers a Full Input Panel with HDMI, C-Video, A/V, VGA for computer and Antenna. It also has Audio Outputs (red/white cable out) and a headphone jack.

This TV also has a built-in DVD Player so you can use your inputs for other things like a backup-camera! The satellite TV receiver is still hooked up to the antenna coaxial input (or the a/v if you like).

Here you will always find a fantastic line-up of The Best 12 Volt TV's for RV's.

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